qingzhao kotetsu- beijing girl

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qingzhao kotetsu- beijing girl

Post by Rpgconnect3 on Fri Dec 28, 2007 9:44 pm

qingzhao kotetsu-beijing girl
the stories about a beijing girlby the name of qingzhao short zhao who is a noble fan of tai. and his independant works. zhao was also his penpal.*forcibly* a contests has been held by one of tais assistants that whoever wins gets to spend 4 seasons with tai. zhao wins the contest and tais life begins to drown. can tai survive the 4 seasons with her. or is she going to kill him with all her nagging for updates!!!

authors note:well since i am the onlyone who tends to use this category and i was sitting thinking about zhao and the fact she might never come back till lords know when.i did a manga that based on the real world that was just doodle humorous and most of the people i know. i'm going to try and make it funny though its not a to be continued after each chapter series..its just randomness that i feel like putting this topic to good use =]
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