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The Rose Garden Society Character Facility is the home to all characters where all of there needs are catered to, you might no know it, but it's happening. However you can't just throw random character formats up on the forum. So here's the basic format for character posting, you can add what you think needs to be add and remove what you don't need but try not to stray from the basic idea. Ofcourse there are different types of character i.e. samurais, ninjas, super-heroes, mutants etc. So I'll see if I can create a uniform, or close enough format for them all. If not then I'll create individual format pages for each one and you'll take your pick. So work with this one for now, I'll use my sample character "Rose Man" for this one. (Note: This character does not exist. Thus the "sample" part of his being.)

Name: Whinning, Marcus (Last name first please. Notice I didn't put "Rose Man." If they have an actual name place it there and put in "a.k.a" or a seperate line for their alias.)
Age: 28
Birth Place: Paris, France (The locations don't have to be real, and I don't mean made up lands altogether. You can create made up lands in existant locations i.e. one that I created: Regola Hills, France. Or just completely fake i.e. another I created: Tharzan.)
Nationality: French (Most likely your character is the nationality of the place he was born. However sometimes they aren't if they aren't throw it in, if they are I guess you don't need this do you now.)
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs (Conversion's you other units for both height and weight are not only allowed but are encouraged. Let's all learn our math people!)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Blood Type: AB
Technique Arsenal:
Flower Pedal Action
Flower Pot
Sprinkle Cantean
Potter's Mitt. (If you technique's are similar to this... then don't even bother to put up the character, no one wants to fight you.)
Weapon Arsenal:
A gardening shovel.
Get ceative people, let's see just how good you are. Whether people like your character or not lies heavily on your character's history. People like great background stories. They'll be more inclined to fight them thus making your character popular amongst the other Rose Garden Society characters.
Battle Apearance:
Most likely you didn't have one of these already unless you were on the last forum, they know who they are. Once again get creative, how you step into battle says alot about you and your character. Set yourself apart, I know I do.
First Appearance:
Legend of Flower: Episode 1- "The Flower Sprouts" (This only applies if the character has a host story.)
Notable Features:
If you don't post up a picture of the character then give us a little something something, if you ever do post up that picture I'm sure it'll be less glamorious then what we came up with cause we're just better than you at that but hey what can you do?
Notable Quotes:
If your character is a person then they most likely have something that they say often, or a famous quotes or something. Throw it here, not like the people won't here it when you're in battle. But this is a little heads up for the pure genius that you're about to spout.

Now ofcourse there has to be some rules, as we can't have people posting up near invincible or altogther invincible characters. Or characters with unavoiable moves. Be reasonable if you play like that then people will want to fight you. And besides if your character seems invincible or anything of the sort then they'll fail deliberation altogether and never make it here. My character deliberator knows what she's doing so I don't have to explain to her what to look for. However for you all, I'll go into it with a little more detail at a later date. So there you go, have fun go wild.
- The Rose Master
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